Underwear Survey Results

We recently put a survey out asking men and women a few questions to give us a better idea of how to present ourselves and our undies. Without further ado, here are the key take-aways from our Deep Underwear Thoughts Survey! We see the trend in our social media channels. Our customers aren’t interested in […]

Deer Park Ravine Litter Cleanup – 2019

Thanks for being curious about this event! On April 27, the City of Toronto is organizing the 16th annual city-wide litter cleanup event, Clean Toronto Together. We’re taking part and organizing a litter cleanup squad in our backyard in central Toronto! Last year we hauled eight garbage bags out of Moore Park Ravine, we want […]

Why Cotton Is Bad

Why Cotton Is Bad Cotton is a popular fabric used for clothing, it’s easy to care for, strong, breathable, and hypoallergenic. It’s hard to find clothes that aren’t made with cotton in some way. It can be combined with almost any other kind of fiber to make a wide variety of fabrics. Cotton comes from […]