No Tags

We don’t have any tags or labels on our underwear. Washing instructions are ironed on.

No Fly

Our mens underwear don’t have flies. The extra fabric prevents airflow and is more expensive to make.


No waistband branding. There are enough distracting ads in the world, you don’t need someone else’s brand brightly advertised on your butt.


The best form-fitting underwear for jock itch and other moisture and ventilation related issues.

Air Flow

Designed to reduce bacteria and fungus buildup and keep air flowing.


No static charge. Natural cellulose fabric means it’s biodegradable and doesn’t keep a charge like synthetic fabrics.


Oeko Tex 100 guarantees no harmful chemicals in our underwear. Certified to be safe enough for a new born baby’s skin.


Draws moisture away from your skin like a sponge. Keeping you dry and comfortable.Light, airy and breathable.


So soft, it will make your other underwear feel like plastic grocery bags with leg hole cut-outs.

No Nonessential Costs

We removed flies, tags, and all waistband branding to bring our prices down while focusing on fabric and fit.