Adults Are Just Children Who've Learned To Act 'Normal'

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You know how mattress shops say "you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, so invest in a good mattress"?

Well, nothing in your life is physically closer to you than your underwear. They both shield your bits from the world, and shield the world from your bits. You have them on you for about 99% of your life, and only yourself and those closest to you get to see them, usually.

Moxy & Zen started after a fruitless search for undies that didn't break the bank or the planet. We were shocked that for a society with so much technological sophistication, we weren't able to produce amazingly comfortable, unbelievably breathable underwear that were eco-friendly and didn't cost more than $20 USD.

We're also nerds interested in a lot of random things and think our underwear should strive to be as awesome and diverse as we are 😀

And so was the foundation of Moxy & Zen lain.

We are dedicated to making exceptionally comfortable clothes that look dope and whose whole life-cycle, from growing the crop to the final packaging, is done sustainably.


Why Moxy & Zen Makes The Best Underwear