guy enjoying zen

Moxy & Zen is an online apparel brand focused on making the most spectacularly comfortable mens and womens underwear. We achieve this by using the softest, most breathable fabric humanity has ever known: bamboo viscose.

Our undies are as soft as silk and as breathable as going commando. It is a difference in quality you will notice the second you feel our undies!

We are a brand started by nerds, people who are not ashamed to want childish things on our undies because we firmly believe that everyone is a child who has simply learned to act ‘normal’. We want our undies to be fun and inspiring and are constantly working on new styles and patterns.

Moxy & Zen underwear are available for pre-order now on Kickstarter!

We will have a fully stocked store in early Summer, 2018. But to reserve your Moxy & Zen underwear at early-backer prices, back us on Kickstarter before our campaign ends in March!