Christmas Underwear Subscription Giveaway!

Christmas Underwear Subscription Giveaway!

Ho Ho Ho!

We've added men's and women's monthly underwear subscriptions to our shop and we're celebrating by giving away five FREE 6-month underwear subscriptions!
Here's how to win:
1. Post a photo of Moxy & Zen underwear to Instagram
2. Use both #moxyandzen and @moxyandzen in your post
3. On the day before Christmas, we'll select 5 winners!
Five winners will be selected based on the originality of the shot, if it's fun or has a good message, and image quality. We will ship winners a pair of undies each month from Jan 2019 until June 2019.
A lot of our customers are legit nerds who hate leaving their home, let alone posting undie shots on the internet. There is a good chance that only a few people will post, those that do will have high odds of winning 🙂

What's In An Underwear Subscription?

Automate buying underwear and save yourself time and hassle. Our men's and women's underwear subscription is flexible enough for any budget. Our service starts at 1 pair of undies every 4 month to a pair every 1 month so that you can replenish your undies as slow or as fast as you'd like.
And as a subscription member, you get dibs on all new underwear styles and prints we introduce. It's never been easier to replace the fleet.

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