Get Paid To Show Your Booty

Jenga in his and her matching underwear

We will pay you to send us videos of you in your Moxy & Zen underwear.

We’re looking for happy customers surviving Covid in comfort, entering a nerd flow state playing games, business-on-top-Moxy-&-Zen-on-bottom Zoom calls, or whatever it is that you like doing in your Moxy & Zen undies.

On July 23rd, we’ll pick 6 submitted videos to use in our up coming Kickstarter video and send the authors a $50 Amazon gift card!

Here are the video requirements to enter:

  • Must be at least 6 seconds long.
  • Must be appropriate for a family audience.
  • Must be of good quality. Do not send us a video shot with a 6 year old Android phone in a poorly lit room 🙂
  • Must be OK with being Kickstarter-famous (the video will be viewable to the public).
  • A Moxy & Zen product must be clearly visible in the video.
  • Email us video links only.
    • Videos must be uploaded to a video service like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Smartphone share feature, etc.
    • DO NOT send us a video file. They are too big and insecure for email.
  • Email the video link to by 11:59pm EST, July 20, 2020.

Here are some tips and ideas:

  • Try to have a lot of natural light, but not direct sunlight. Shooting on a cloudy day near a big, bright window is ideal.
  • We’re looking for all body types, especially larger sizes. It’s hard to find footage of larger people in their undies having a good time. Help us out!
  • Covid-19 means we’re all cooped up indoors. Video ideas for things we do in our undies during isolation: bake, cook, clean, watch videos, play board games via Zoom, do business calls via Zoom, play video games, sleep, read, and garden.
  • We will provide extra rewards for any contestants who submit truly amazing content.
  • Use a tripod to mount your camera.

If you have any questions, email us at, or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

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