Why Moxy & Zen Makes The Best Underwear

Why Moxy & Zen Makes The Best Underwear Tanboocel™ Fabric When all you want is underwear that’s so comfy you forget you’re wearing them, and eco-friendly to give you a little peace of mind, you need Moxy & Zen undies. We make all our underwear with Tanboocel™, a type of bamboo viscose with fibers that have far fewer little barbs than other fabrics, making it up to 3x softer than cotton. The smoother fibers also […]

Why Cotton Is Bad

Why Cotton Is Bad Cotton is a popular fabric used for clothing, it’s easy to care for, strong, breathable, and hypoallergenic. It’s hard to find clothes that aren’t made with cotton in some way. It can be combined with almost any other kind of fiber to make a wide variety of fabrics. Cotton comes from the fluffy boll that surrounds cotton plant seeds. Bolls are processed and combed into yarn, that yarn goes on to […]